Equity Builders — New Garage Construction in Salt Lake City, Utah

If you are a home owner in Utah and are currently looking into having an addition built on to your home, you might be wondering which company really is the best of Utah garage builders. Equity Builders has been serving Utah home owners since 1990. They are a small and local family-owned and operated business. Equity Builders understands the Utah housing market, and has thrived throughout the last twenty years of market ups and downs. They specialize in home additions and secondary structures such as garages, shops, barns, and RV storage. Equity Builders also takes pride in making the building process as easy as possible for their clients.

The economic situation of today has made it much more difficult for many people to buy or build a new home. In Utah, custom garages or other additions are one way to build equity. Building a home addition also allows clients to increase to the existing storage and living space of their current home. Professional additions will certainly improve both the value and appearance of the home you are already in.

Often, people move to a new home simply to have more space, so a new addition can be a great solution. A free standing garage or shop might include a bonus room or attic built above to give your home the storage space you are lacking. Not to mention the benefits of a garage or RV storage shelter: they protect your vehicle from any adverse weather conditions so that it will last longer! Equity Builders will work with you, as the client, to design the very garage or other structure you are dreaming of and can provide plans for your new home addition. They can build whatever project you have in mind and also offer the necessary permit service required to have the addition built. They can do complete start to finish construction or a partial build job if that’s what you need. Equity Builders has experience with all types of concrete, and will use materials that coordinate or even match your existing home to give it a cohesive appearance. Because of the inherent drastic change that comes with a project like this, Equity Builders offer both driveway demolition and replacement, leaving your whole property looking better than when they arrived.

Equity Builders is proud to uphold the highest construction standards available. Their office is conveniently located right in the middle of Salt Lake City. Local home owners should visit the Equity Builders website to view a gallery full of their completed projects and see their professional construction for yourself. You can view a variety of structures and see how each of them looks, and how well they coordinate with the existing houses and landscape.

If you would like a free estimate on any of their services, including new garage construction, Salt Lake City home owners ought to contact Equity Builders today. Contact them to find out just how affordable a new addition to your home or secondary structure can be!